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How do locations get classified?

Netlify Analytics for our site (https://awesome-leakey-30bbf5.netlify.app) show a disproportionately high number of visits from Singapore in the “Top Locations” that we can’t explain.

Is there any way we might be able to interpret such a number, maybe taking into account internal routing or CDN setups? Do top locations exclusively include pageviews (as specified on the corresponding column header) or asset downloads too?

For reference:

  • this post mentions discrepancies in location counts that gets attributed to bot data, that might partially be the case but not sure how applicable is here
  • this one mentions requests from south asia being routed through Singapore, that made me think it might have to do with Netlify’s routing and/or CDN setups.

Hi @tsad,

The basic source for location data is the IP address as mentioned here: Redirect options | Netlify Docs

It doesn’t directly relate to Analytics data, but that’s what Netlify does. It identifies users’ location by their IP Addresses.

I don’t think the routing done by Netlify has any effect on this.

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