How do i report con artists, scammers, fraud, or other bad content on Netlify? the following site was used in a con where scammers persuaded people to buy a NFT (non fungible token) on another site promising good things in return, it’s not like a get rich scheme so before telling me it’s your own fault, have a look into the NFT space, but going onward, I KNOW for a fact that you have personal info of the person that created that site, which will come useful in court since that’s where I’ll be taking this considering they stole 500K+$ and they need to be held accountable for their actions. If you want further info reach out to me, thank you

Hi @Lazo

Thanks for bringing this up.

You should send this information through to

I will flag this post for the attention of Netlify support team as well.

Thank you, sending right, do have the proof also.

Hi, @Lazo. I have already replied to your email to and we will follow-up with you there if there are other questions about this.

However, please do reply here to let us know if you don’t see the email reply.

Looks like there was action taken on this after all, @Lazo:

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Thanks for reporting this to me, take care

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