How do I remove a custom domain, which is pointing to a root domain hosted elsewhere?

Colleagues, this is related to my site
This site hots the landing pages for my app. I need to have only as a custom domains but the settings page shows also (besides & . I need that last one removed as it is a root domain hosted elsewhere. How do I do that? and if I cannot, can you do that for me please?

Thank you

@luke Any chance you could have a look at my question above please?

Hi, @nkrasnogor. Sorry for the delay on this. Yes, our support team can override the automatic pairing of www and apex domains. There is no user facing way (neither in the UI nor API) to change this but out support team can.

I’ve made that override for this site now. Please note, this “locks” the domain names in the SSL certificate so that only our support team can modify them now. We can undo this change to unlock it or we can add other domains names if you want to add more.

If you do want to make future domain name changes for that site (technical the SSL certificate is what is locked), please either reply here or make a new topic and we will be ready to assist.

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Sterling @luke , thank you very much for the help and advice.

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