How can I update code that's been uploaded via Netlify Drop without using GitHub

We have a series of Netlify static site projects that were created using the drag and drop UI. How can I view that code and update it, either using the Netlify CLI or in browser? We don’t have a GitHub repo for the project. Is there a way to just update code directly on Netlify?

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Sure, you can use the CLI or the browser :upside_down_face:

First, you have to “claim” the site - but you knew that since otherwise your sites would have gotten disabled after 36 hours or so.
Then, you could use the CLI to link to the site and update it from a local copy: (note that all deploys must contain all files for the new version of the site - updated and files that need to be live but weren’t changed!)

Or, you can drag and drop a zipfile on the “deploys listing” page for your site, at the bottom in the dotted lines:

Here’s some best practices for updating with drag and drop (best practice: use CLI!, otherwise…)

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