Hosting with Netlify VS Dreamhost

I am currently building a headless CMS using Drupal and gatsby. Our company is currently using Dreamhost. I have some questions regarding, moving out domain name over to netlify and if we would need to purchase a plan? What does Netlify offer that Dreamhost does not? thank you for your help.

Hi there,

It is not required to move to our DNS hosting to use our service; it works fine using any DNS host.

You also don’t need to buy a plan if you don’t mind getting support here, and you don’t have big bandwidth needs or need multiple collaborators to help manage the site on netlify (one is free, more cost money).

Bandwidth is billed for as you use it (over 100Gb) but if you don’t go over, no problem to stay on the free plan no matter what your (legal) site’s contents are :slight_smile: