I Love Netlify Service

I just wanted to show how much I love Netlify.

Before I knew it existed, I used some free hosting and they were totally terrible. Something like 60% uptime.

When I purchased a hosting service I could just host one or two sites.

Now with Netlify, I can host multiple sites (I even host in my own account a lot of personal sites as well as sites of some clients), have a built-in CDN, don’t worry about managing a VPS, having an efficient form and functions system, easily integrate with GitHub to host files (with almost an unlimited storage), manage DNS easily, have SSL, etc.

And the best part, IT IS ALL FREE.

I never paid a dime for all these awesome functions Netlify has.

I just wanted to express how much I like Netlify, seriously, you guys are awesome.


@Imparium Ditto … although I have to wonder how you managed to get 60 percent uptime with those “free hosting” sites. :slight_smile:

I also don’t miss trying to configure the old-style free hosting for FTP, or trying to figure out the arcane file upload procedures, or suffer through the weird domain-naming conventions, etc.

There’s a lot to love with Netlify, that’s for certain.

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