Hosting subdomain on other hosting platform

I have a domain and hosting subscription with Hostinger which i would like to use my domain with Netlify, as I can then use Netlify CMS. I would also like a subdomain like for my Woocommerce-Wordpress webshop hosted at Hostinger. I have pointed the nameservers at Netlify and used Netlify DNS to point to the webshop and mailserver, but i can’t get the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate to work on the webshop on the subdomain. Would it be easier to point the main domain to Netlify and keep DNS at Hostinger? And how would i do that with an SSL Certificate?

This is because Netlify LE certificates only cover domains served by Netlify. The shop subdomain is not in this instance.

Easier, perhaps. But certainly this is possible.

The Netlify LE certificate would cover the domains configured (e.g. and and served by Netlify. Hostinger would need to cover the shop subdomain.