Hostgator account for email - dns not working

I have a hostgator account and use them for email. They have redirected the DNS to Netlify (they don’t seem able to transfer only the hosting for some reason) and this appears to be working properly, but the email is no longer working.

They have given me the appropriate DNS settings for the email forwarding (using ‘A’ type rather than ‘MX’), and I have entered these settings to my DNS settings on Netlify, but if I go to to review the dns settings the target for the ‘A’ type records are being directed to a different IP address than the one that I specified for the DNS settings.

(So hostgator is not receiving any of the email redirects… so I am not getting any emails)

Please advise if there is something else I need to do on the Netlify side to direct the mail back to hostgator (according to the settings that I have already entered in Netlify)


Since it sounds like you’re using the Netlify DNS servers, you’ll have to get the MX record values to add from HostGator in order to ensure email gets delivered (since A records aren’t used for email, just mapping domains to IP addresses).

This article ([Common Issue] How can I receive emails on my domain?) does a pretty good job of going into setting this up as long as you’re using Netlify DNS.

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