Help with .well-known and assetlinks on my website

I need help reading the assetlinks.json file on vue.js SPA website
I keep the assetlinks.json file in the main file structure → well-known / assetlinks.json
I don’t have _redirects file
My netlify.toml looks like this:

for = "/.well-known/assetlinks.json"
Cache-Control = '''
Content-Type = "application/json"
X-Content-Type-Options = "nosniff"

from = "/.well-known/*"
to = "/well-known/:splat"
status = 200

from = "/*"
to = "/index.html"
status = 200

My assetlinks,json structure is like this:

    "relation": ["delegate_permission/common.handle_all_urls"],
    "target": {
      "namespace": "android_app",
      "package_name": ""
      "sha256_cert_fingerprints": [

When i go to: i get response with my index.html
but when I remove last rule from .toml file my page always return status 404 on any url path ;/
Where do i go wrong?

Okey now I resolved this problem:

  1. I changed “well-known” folder to “.well-known”
  2. I took .well-known with assetlinks.json and put into public folder
  3. I added to public/index.html line :
    <link rel="assetlinks.json file" href="%PUBLIC_URL%/.well-known/assetlinks.json" />

3 I removed all rules according to well known in toml file.
And It works now :wink:
But I want to know that is correct and “secure” solution?

There is no security issue with this, so as long as it works, it’s a correct solution.