Help, I need help with Teespring as they cannot solve it for me

Site: not yet bound by me for netlify: but rather bound for redirect by Teespring. they have worked for over a week and can’t solve this for me yet. So I want to take over the management of the DNS and redirect it appropriately.
Site currently :
Should be bound to
But they have it linked to

I have control of both domains DNS

I did ask the Netlify AI and it pointed me to [Support Guide] "another site is using this domain" Verifying domain ownership for Netlify production domain

I’m following the directions there. But need a forum post link to complete the TXT record

I have now created that TXT record.

This is the error at Netlify I’m trying to resolve:
When attempting to add my domain to my account:

“name has a conflicting custom domain in another account”

I’m not seeing either of those domains connected to the site: Has something changed?

Correct. It hasn’t pointed to the tee spring URL I mentioned.

Both URL are pointing to the content of

I can’t see the backend URL for Inkyware.

As far as I could see, Teespring has it running through Netlify.

Are you able to see what URLs are resolving to my


I found the site, but I don’t see any TXT record for your domain. Could you show a screenshot of what you’ve added?

I’ve shared this with Teespring as it would be better if they make the relevant changes. Feel free to ping here if you don’t hear back within a day or two and then we can try making the changes from our end.

Teespring mentioned that they have fixed the immediate issue with your setup and will be working to sort out any remaining issue. Could you confirm everything looks good to you now?

Beautiful, yes, everything is working now.
Thank You so much for your help.