Headless eCommerce Transfer + Shopify Checkout Domain Question

Hey there Netlify Team!

I am currently developing a headless ecommerce site using Vue, Sanity, and Shopify… This is still a major WIP but the current Netlify domain is https://silene-lyalli.netlify.app. I have not connected to my client’s domain just yet since its still in development:)

I have two questions regarding this project:

  1. I will likely be transferring this site to my client’s own Netlify account since she is not technically a part of any team I am on… I have read over this support link and I will be contacting support when the time comes to transfer the site correctly…

MY QUESTION - Will the transferred site will still be updated if I push changes to the corresponding Github repository? My plan is to transfer the site to her account and set up a continuous build hook so the site updates once daily on its own, but I just need to know that if I make small changes to the site (say we find a bug that needs to be fixed) the site will update.

  1. After the site is transferred I have read that the Shopify checkout domain will still shown to users at checkout… This is because we are using a headless environment and Shopify uses their own custom checkout domain which is generally something like my-store-name.myshopify.com to process payments… This is generally not a huge issue, but client contacted Shopify support and was told that this checkout domain is able to be changed to an existing domain, but that they would need aditional insights from third party hosting services (Netlify in this case) about to go about doing this… Would this just be a simple redirect they could do on their end? Any insights would be great!:slight_smile:

Sorry this is a long post… but these are questions that more and more developers will be asking since many ecommerce stores are moving to a headless environment. Perhaps a cool Netlify ecommerce post discussing these questions in the future? I hope so:)

Yes, when we transfer the site, we simply update the owner IDs in our database. Nothing else is touched, so the website will continue to work as it is, no matter what account it lives in.

I’m not perfectly sure what kind of insights they’d need from us. Having never used Shopify, I cannot guess. Could you provide us the entire text that they might have sent?

Hi @hrishikesh

Thank you for getting back to me so fast! Okay great that is good to know!

Sure, this is what the Shopify support posted:

We highly reccomend to reach out to their support to check for more insights on how we can modify the checkout page, that way we can make use of your [my client’s] custom domain.

So very vague lol… Unfortunately this is all they sent my client regarding the checkout domain. I would guess it would be a simple url redirect on the Shopify end of things to point to my clients domain.

Hi @rylanharper

If this post on the Shopify community is true (still) then Shopify doesn’t support/allow custom checkout domains when using headless, (though I know they do when using their online store channel) so it is interesting they are suggesting there is a possibility. Their domains documentation mentions nothing.

One option I can think of are either creating an ALIAS/CNAME/etc at the DNS level so the checkout subdomain to hides the Shopify checkout URL, however I can find no information about doing such a thing.

Another option is to use a redirect as you mentioned to proxy the content to /checkout

  from = "/checkout/*"
  to = "https://something.myshopify.com/:splat"
  status = 200

I not confident this would work (though I have not tested.) It is possible security settings on Shopify may prevent this. Add to this some things may not load correctly if they are references relatively (e.g. /some/thing.jpg instead of https://some.myshopify.com/some/thing.jpg.)

Hi @coelmay

Thank you for this info… I will get back to Shopify support for right now and see what they suggest.

I actually posted a similar thread on the Sanity forums (the CMS I am using for the headless environment to connect to Shopify) and some developers on there suggested to actually set up a secondary domain such as checkout.myshop.com and point that domain to Shopify’s checkout url. However, I will contact Shopify support to check the best way to do this.

Lets consider this issue closed for now… Thank you both for the help with this issue! :slight_smile: