GitHub App selecting repositories

The GitHub app can be configured to only allow access to selected repositories.

However this is an interactive feature and we at the W3C WAI have a LOT of repositories to select. Is there not a config file we can easily populate rather than making 50 old selections?


hmm. interesting! Am i understanding correctly you want to authorize netlify to be able to deploy any of your github backed repos you choose? :thinking:

if thats not right, can you explain in a different way? thanks!

Sorry if not clear.

The app has 2 options as shown on this image.

Bu I have to click on each repository that I want if I choose the “only select [sic] repositories” option. I wondered if there was a way to have a text list rather than click on each. Anyway it’s not a big issue - given the implementation. And besides, we decided to allow everyone at w3c to potentially use the WAI account anyway so the all “all repos” options is fine :slight_smile: (sol please fee free to “close” this is issue.

ah! OK, i understand. I think that, while it might be a nice UX improvement to have a text list, I doubt that that is something that will get worked on anytime soon, to be quite honest :grimacing:

I am glad you found a solution that works for you, though!