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Connect to only one GitHub-Repository for one specific account

Hi everyone,

one of our customers wants to use netlify for their website. But the sourcecodes live in one of our private company-github-repositories.

The question now is, how can we configure netlify (customer-account) to only use one specific repo within our github-team?

We as a company use netlify too, so the netlify app is already installed. Therefore, restricting the app only to use one repo is not an option (as our netlify-account needs to access more).

I hope, you understand the question :slight_smile:

Is it possible to reject the repo selection but keep the one connection alive?

Many thanks in advance and Cheers, Christian

I’m afraid, that’s not something we thought anyone would need. So it’s currently not possible. The only way to restrict repo access is by restricting it in the installed app.

I believe the only option you’d have is to create another GitHub account and install the app on that.

Many thanks for the quick reply! In this case, we will create a new github account. This is fine too.

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