Getting Task Timeout after 10.01 seconds - Randomly occurs on some visits, but not all

I currently have a site deployed on my Netflify, however when visiting any associated domain (such as it will sometimes work or sometimes crash with the error “2023-06-17T16:17:44.480Z 84922026-bfa8-4a49-b59f-64e9314c79c9 Task timed out after 10.01 seconds”

It seems totally random I make no changes between it working/not working It seems completly random.

I have tested on multipule devices/browsers including PC/Mac/IPhone/Chrome/Safari etc.

Any help would be apprechated as its quite hard to understand whats going on.


Url :
Site Name : desksetups-dev
Site ID : 6c7363b2-d39d-41cd-acac-93595f870b4f
Crash message : Netlify internal ID: 01H352BHRJWFEC57G9JNSGK8MT

On Pro and above plans, we can push the limit to 26 seconds OR, you might want to check out: [Support Guide] Why is my function taking long or timing out?