ERROR Task timed out after 10.02 seconds

Hey there, my site suddently went down today, even though I changed absolutely nothing. I get this error, but I have no idea what causes it, because my site worked fine for the past months, I didn’t change anything.

Site Name: or

@tibue99 10 seconds is the default timeout for Netlify functions:

Default deployment options

By default, all functions are deployed with:

  • us-east-2 AWS Lambda region (for sites created after October 4, 2023)
  • 1024 MB of memory
  • 10 second execution limit for synchronous functions, including scheduled functions
  • 15 minute execution limit for background functions
  • 6 MB request and response payload size limit for buffered synchronous functions
  • 20 MB response payload size limit for streamed synchronous functions
  • 256 KB request and response payload size limit for background functions

So something is causing your function to take longer than that.

Hello there! @nathanmartin is correct. I would suggest adding some console.time() statements to see what’s taking up the time, and if possible see if you can optimize it under 10 seconds. Ref.

Alternatively on Pro+ plans we can increase the time of functions to 26 seconds.

Hey, I have one function called “system” and I don’t know what this function does. It just started failing yesterday.

Is there any way to delete this function?

@tibue99 You would adjust your build so that the function isn’t created.

If you haven’t made the function yourself, then it’ll be part of whatever system you used to build the site, (since it seems to be trying to render/serve the routes upon request).

Hey, thank you for your answer. Unfortunately I still was not able to resolve the issue. I don’t know what the problem is, I started the project with netlify development mode and everything works.
The function is not called anywhere in the code. It just starts the node.js server, which sends the generated pages to the client, since we have SSR mode.
Is it possible that Netlify changed anything, since the issue started out of the blue without any changes from my side?

Wouldn’t that imply that it is called for every request?

As with most things it’s almost certainly “possible”, but I can’t advise with any details as I don’t work for Netlify and have precisely zero visibility.

As indicated by @Andrew.H you could add some debug statements to your function to see what is taking up the time, which should hone in on what it is fairly quickly.