General question about capabilities of password-protected sites

Before I go wading through all the details, I’d like to find out at a high-level whether Netlify’s password-protection features can generally do what I need. I appreciate anyone willing to lend their judgment and help me figure out my next steps. Thanks in advance!

I’m looking to start a membership/subscription site and so I need authentication and to manage members. I believe that all the pieces I need are there, except perhaps integrating add/remove members with the payment system I’m using (Thrivecart). If I can use Zapier to add and remove members (adding -> creating a user account; removing -> revoking an authorization role and/or removing a user account), then I presume I have everything that I need. Can anyone comment on reasons why Netlify’s current password-related features wouldn’t suffice for my purposes? Has anyone out there tried to run a membership site of this type and regretted it? or loved it?