Netlify Identity Out of the Box

Is it possible to implement something like Identity (or with Okta) without having to do any custom code to build the form? Does Netlify have any out of the box options (very similar to the concept of Password Protected Site) where it just works with no-code?

For organizations where even test environments have proprietary information, they’d like more security than just a single password for the site.

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Netlify does offer super basic (no pun intended) out-of-the-box password protection with individual accounts, but it’s fully outside of the scope of the site just like the site-wide password protection. If you note the “Double passwords” section at the bottom of this doc, you can actually run both Site-wide and Individual Basic auth on a site!

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Thank you - that does help! I am also looking into how we can use Okta for this since we already use this. Do you know if people have had success using Okta as their authentication server when using Preview Deploys which changes the origin to be unique?

I don’t think there’s a way to do that without getting hands dirty in some pretty complex front-end code to add your own gating. Netlify’s built in password protection happens at the CDN node directly and there are no additional hooks or configuration for that