Tutorial for membership site

Hi, I’m just scoping out possibilities for replacements to my current Wordpress site - which has a series of paywalls for members only content (using LifterLMS).

  • Are there any tutorials for implementing some sort of members only area(s)?
  • Would I need to have a Pro or Business account to access the necessary tools?

hey colinswood,

great questions. I think what you are asking is to how we do access control for sites that are hosted on Netlify and whether we have tutorials on that?

There are a few things I can point you towards - you can authenticate people for specific kinds of access using Identity:

Getting started with Identity is availble on the Starter Tier.

That said, for your purposes of building a site with a set of paywalls, you might find that it’s not quite customizable enough as-is. You can pay extra to have advanced Identity capabilities added on to your site, which allow for a more branded experience:

(scroll down to: per site add ons and then unfold identity to see the add ons listed out)

Thanks for the info, I didn’t see that section.
It looks as though this could theoretically do what I need - but in the free plan it’s only with either five users I control - or 1000 users that I don’t control. With the $99 per month plan I would still only get to control 100 users…
If I’m right then this rules out using Netlify for membership sites :frowning:
Am I right about this?

hey colinswood,

I just saw @jlengstorf post this on his twitter, sounds like he is teaching THE workshop you need:

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