Gatsby SSR Invocation Failed

Hi there!

We are trying to utilize Gatsby’s SSR functionality and getting an invocation error when accessing the ssr page.

This is a brach deploy of the page:

Any assistance would be great, and this is for an enterprise account.


Hey there, @codytaft :wave:

Thanks for reaching out!

I suspect that this is related to recent lmdb changes. Our team is working on addressing this. In the interim, could you try adding the following environment variable AWS_LAMBDA_JS_RUNTIME with the value nodejs16.x in the Netlify UI?

Let me know if that solves this!

hi there @hillary

Looks like we fixed. We needed to downgrade NODE and AWS_LAMBDA_JS_RUNTIME to 14.x and NPM to 6.x in order to get this to work.


I’m experiencing the same problem

Currently I’ve got AWS_LAMBDA_JS_RUNTIME nodejs16.9.0 and NPM 7.21.1 set as env vars.

Any tips welcome! It’s a bit of a blocker for using Gatsby SSR right now.

Tried a few version combinations, still can’t get it to work :exploding_head:

This is the just Gatsby starter repo SSR demo page so nothing too clever going on.

deployed the same repo without issue to Gatsby cloud, but was planning to use Netlify :grimacing:

For future explorers, this has been escalated to the developers and is being looked into.

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Hey @richhiggins,

Would you be able to update Gatsby to 4.18.1 and @netlify/plugin-gatsby to 3.2.5 to see if it works?

just giving it a try :crossed_fingers:

Unfortunately the issue persists with both the above versions updated.

Yeah, it looks like it. Just some time ago, another user reported it here: Gatsby returning error page for SSR page, works locally but not on netlify, so we’ll investigate it further.

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The team has released v3.3.1 of the plugin which is intended to fix this. It’s currently being rolled out, so it should be online in a few hours, at max. Let us know if that fixes it.

Hi Hrishikesh,

Yes! With the v3.3.1 of the plugin server side rendering is now working for me :tada:

Thanks for following up, really appreciated :pray:

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Hooray! Thanks for coming back and confirming. Happy building :rocket: