My build is successful, but when I try to access my site:
It prints an error to the screen about
“module ‘/var/task/.cache/query-engine/assets/prebuilds/linux-x64/node.abi93.node’\nwas compiled against a different Node.js version using\nNODE_MODULE_VERSION 93. This version of Node.js requires\nNODE_MODULE_VERSION 83”

I followed all the instructions here to get Gatsby 4 with SSR working:

And my site runs locally. Any suggestions??

Hi @marcreeddotcom

Welcome to the forums.

NODE_MODULE_VERSION 83 was node v14 (see Node.js Previous Releases) while 93 is v16.

Ergo, it appears you need to downgrade the Node.js version used to build your site to v14 (v14.18.2 is the latest) using the NODE_VERSION environment variable (see here) or other method as outlined here.

If you have questions or issues, do not hesitate to reply.

Thank you @coelmay for the speedy reply and that environment variable worked! Consider this case closed!