Gatsby SSR not found page

Hello everybody :wink:

Hi, I’m trying to deploy a Gatsby site using SSR. In development mode, it works but in production, I’m having this error

Hi @ynherb299,

I wonder why you decided to set the title as “not found”. It’s misleading.

In any case, the error is related to:

now a 404 error, what did i do wrong again

With the previous commit that was giving the previous error, would you be able to update Gatsby to 4.18.1 and @netlify/plugin-gatsby to 3.2.5 to see if it works?

Hello, now I get a new error

Could you try to use v3.3.1 of the plugin? That includes some additional fixes which would possibly solve all of this. It’s currently being rolled out, so you should see it online in a few hours at max.