Gatsby DSG Page Render Error

I’m receiving the following error in the browser when accessing a page on my Gatsby site that has been set to use DSG:

An unhandled error in the function code triggered the following message:

Error - /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.28' not found (required by /var/task/.cache/query-engine/assets/build/Release/lmdb.node)

Is there something I need to change with my Gatsby build in order to avoid this error?

Hey Sam!

There are some great docs here on getting up and running with the Essential Gatsby Plugin that adds support for SSR and DSG rendering modes.

Can you also let us know what Gatsby version is in use on the site? This error was previously resolved in Gatsby v4.18.1 and @netlify/plugin-gatsby v3.2.5. This was a bug in both Gatsby and Netlify but was addressed on subsequent versions of these packages.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Hey Marcus, thanks for the reply! I do have gatsby-plugin-netlify installed at version 5.1.0 and Gatsby is at v5.9.0 and I’m still seeing this error.

Could you share your site name: @sbymason?

I have the same problem and i need help please

Node 18.5.0
Gatsby 5.8.1
gatsby-plugin-netlify 5.1.0

Same applies to you, @garduini

Hi guys I have the same issue
Node 18
Gatsby “^4.18.2”
Plugin “^5.1.1”

Hi Rodolfo! Thanks for that info. I see that you also wrote into our helpdesk, so we will work with you there instead.

I’m sorry i didn’t see my notifications…
And sorry for my english too ^^
No problem anymore for me, i suspect that my dev dependencies were missing when DSR is executed, i’ve just move them with my dependencies. I guess that’s because in the production environment dev dependencies are not installed.
I didn’t have the time to go deeper unfortunately, in my opinion my problem was solved by migrating dev dependencies to dependencies or only by the fact my package lock file was changed.

I hope my experience can help another one :slight_smile: