Function timeout increase

Hi @claygraffix

Is the site ID correct as I’m unable to find the site?

Hi @amiram,

In order to increase the functions timeout limit for the site, the account will need to be on the Pro Team plan (or above).

If you upgrade to the Pro Team plan or above, please let us know and we’ll be able to increase the Functions timeout limit to 26 seconds (max time).

It’s Pro now, please check and increase the timeout to the max.

hey there, @amiram :wave:

Thanks for following up! I have increased your functions timeout limit across your account to 26s. You should see this with your next deploy.

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Duh, pasted the wrong thing :slight_smile:

It is on the Pro plan.



Hey there, @claygraffix :wave:

Thanks for reaching out! We have increased your functions timeout. You will see that after the next deploy.

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Can I also ask for timeout increment? Site id f5c3b456-07ad-4487-8ef3-32118f90d5f3
Thank you in advance

Hey there, @Iquest :wave:

I have increased your functions timeout limit. You should see it the next time you deploy.


Hello, could you increase the function timeout to 26 sec for site 12f44c7c-a8e8-4f86-89a2-e1c07274708a ?

Hi @green-connector,

That’s done! Please re-deploy.