Founder of OneGraph here - Hello folks, and API Authentication beta!

Hey folks, I’m Sean Grove, one of the founders of OneGraph. You might have seen that as of today, we’ve joined Netlify!

I thought I might introduce myself here, and talk about OneGraph a bit, and why Netlify is the right place to achieve our vision!

The idea behind OneGraph is simple: a single, introspectable endpoint to get all of your API data from.

Our goal is to put all of the internet’s API’s under a single GraphQL endpoint, and make the experience of building on top of that absolutely delightful. We’ve released quite a bit of open source tooling used all across the internet to support that goal, given dozens of talks at conferences (Here’s one on the tooling/ideas we’ve explored), and demoed next-gen APIs thousands of times. We try to make sure that whenever we touch an API we make it orders of magnitude more enjoyable for everyone, providers and consumers alike.

As part of that, we explored quite a few ideas with the Netlify team, and found it was like working with auto-complete on. They understood the pain points, the need, the possibility, and the steps to go from vision to reality. And on top of that, they have a wealth of experience in everything from customer success to design to communications in general. And as we worked together, we found there were a number of things that felt like they were unnecessarily slow to build because we were outside of Netlify - so why not fix that first, and then ship quickly?

Our first release: API Authentication on Netlify

An example of the kind of speed that unlocked for all of us is our first launch: API Authentication on Netlify, Provisioning auth tokens and managing them securely is one of the biggest pain points in getting started (and maintaining) new API integrations, and this is meant to turn it into a few clicks.


It’s going to take some time to roll out the full OneGraph + Netlify experience, but we wanted to do it in a way that delivered value incrementally, not one huge overwhelming torrent. Because I suspect that’s what the full vision for OneGraph + Netlify turns into - a completely new way of building modern apps that can rely on a data layer that’s unlike any before it.

That’s the hope, at least! There’s still plenty of execution left to make it a reality. But we’re ready to hit the accelerator to not only bring the benefits to millions of developers but to also fill in many of the cracks that have developed for API providers and consumers as the ecosystem has expanded at a breakneck pace.


Hello @sgrove ! We would like to add our Merchant API to your list of providers. How should we proceed? You can read more about us at

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It would be great if you added the Netlify API itself as a supported service.

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I vote for UploadCare API :grinning:

Dont know how many folks on here have UploadCare on their radar, but it seems rather unique and promising (sorry, its not yet integrated into our stack, but…)

In my view, they are HORIZONTALIZING the whole concept of a CDN. Most (all) CDNs are a top-down, one-to-many arrangement.

But UploadCare makes it so all our users can send all their things to the CDN for all our other users.

In fact, can Netlify acquire them next :laughing:

Hey there, @blar :wave:

Thanks so much for raising this! I have shared your feedback directly with our Product team.