Form submissions considered as SPAM by ZoHo mail

I host a static website with a number of HTML forms on Netlify. In the Netlify site settings I’ve added the email form submit notifications to go to my email account that works via ZoHo mail.

After about a hunderd submissions I’ve srtopped receiving the emails from ZoHo email support confirmed that emails were rejected by ZoHo Anti-spam filters. Despite the fact that I manually added the to the ZoHo spam whitelist. Netlify form emails are filtered out before even going to the Spam folder.

ZoHo representatives are asking me to provide Netlify IP address or IP address range from which emails are being sent to my ZoHo email address.

I don’t know where to find those IP addresses. Please help.

Hi Petr,

We don’t send from consistent addresses or even any fixed range (we’ll send from a dynamic pool of addresses within google cloud, and google does not commit to always allocating our worker machines in the same IP range) - so, they won’t be able to “whitelist” us like that. Hopefully they can work with the “” sending address since that is all that will be constant.

If that doesn’t work, I’d suggest using a different notification method like Zapier or Slack notifications for your form submissions: