Form not being forwarded to email


I have a form hosted at Excel Minibus Travel: Contact Us.

It worked fine in the past but now the email notification are not coming through.

Email is

I have also added two other emails to test and its not delivering to them too.

Im really confused about what could have changed to stop them delivering all of a sudden?

Appreciate any help.


Hello @Dave3 , thanks for posting and welcome to the Netlify Support Forum.

It worked fine in the past but now the email notification are not coming through.

Has any changes been made to your site recently?

If that’s the case your form has the missing attributes data-netlify="true"

Kindly add it to your form and redeploy again to see if the form works again.

Thanks for the reply.

No changes have been made since November 2021. The form has the attribute data-netlify="true".

@Dave3 , thanks for the reply.
I just checked your form in Chrome Dev Tools and it does not have the attribute data-netlify="true"

If you’ve checked your source code and it does have the attribute data-netlify="true", kindly redeploy your site to see if it works or kindly visit the link below to learn how to debug forms.



I also have a form at Excel Minibus Travel: Book a Minibus

both forms have the attribute in the code.

The form submissions are being received in the netlify back end. But email confirmations are not being received.

Hi @Dave3 we had a similar instance the other day. Can you ensure you are making changes to the same source Netlify is deploying from.


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Hello @Dave3 , thanks for the extra infomation.

It’s possible the email confirmations are being sent to your spam folder of email you used. Kindly check your junk or spam folder to see if you are receiving the emails or not receiving the emails.

Sometimes email service providers incorrectly mark legitimate messages as spam.

Incase the emails are in your spam folder, another effective method to avoid emails from Netlify forms landing directly into your spam folder is to add the incoming Netlify forms email address as one of your Google Contacts .

Let me know the outcome in order for me to help you with the debugging process.

Same problem.
No email notifications.

Last notification received 3:50 AM, since then no messages on email.
Website wasn’t changed, submissions successfully registered at admin panel.

Jumping in- I think there may be some type of general system issue. Starting around 9 hours ago (based on last email notification at 19:20 PST), notifications have stopped working.

Form submits are in the admin panel - it is just the notifications.

Multiple sites, multiple email notification addresses (although same email domain).

Yup, we are not receiving notifications either. Neither on slack nor by email. We can the submissions though

Hello @newtelecom , @scottkg , and @homearanya , thanks for joining in to give additional feedback about the problem regarding not receiving the emails even though the emails show in the Netlify Dashboard.
Since @Dave3 is not the only one experiencing this issue, I have reported the issue to one of the Support Engineers to join in and also carry out further investigations.

Hey there, folks :wave:

Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. Our team is investigating the issue. For up to date information, please follow along with our status page:

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Seems to be fixed now. Thanks for the replies.

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It’s again working for me…

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Thanks for confirming, folks. Should there be any changes please let us know.