Firewall from China causing deploy log issues

When I deploy my site, I can’t see the building logs, it shows

[ERROR] Deploy logs are currently unavailable. We are working on resolving the issue.

here is the link

There is some people say the LFS will cause this error, but I do not use it. I don’t kown how it happened.

hi there, can you try redeploying in a little while (30mins-1hr?) and see if you can then see building logs? this might just be a temporary issue.

Hi @perry
It’s not a temporary issue. I can’t see all the building logs. Whether the deploy is failed or sucessful, I just can’t see it. You can see my deploy history

Hi @perry
I find how it happened. I forget the GFW. In China, there is a fire wall to filter the connection. There is a request when I open the I can’t get it if I not use the proxy. When I use the proxy, I see the logs. Thank you anyway.

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that makes sense~! Thanks for coming back and explaining that - glad you figured it out.

I think at least the error message needs to be improved, as I met such “fallback” error too (I live in China). I am thinking Netlify met some temporary internal error and just waiting for months to hope it gets resolved by somebody!

Hi, @cleanpython.web, are you saying the Netlify deploy logs should identify when they are being blocked and have a different error message when that happens? (I’m trying to make sure I understand.)

That is what I mean, as you can read from the error message, it will naturally makes a user (like me) think like that way, and waiting for weeks and nothing happens. Because I can see the web page (not been blocked), I will not even suspect that it is the blame to the China GFW.

Hi, @cleanpython.web. I did file a feature request to improve that error message.

If/when this feature becomes available, we’ll update this community topic again to let people know about it. This feature request and community topic are now cross-linked for tracking as well.

If there are other questions about, please let us know.

No other questions, just a big thank you to Netlify team!