Cannot get logs after failed build


I’m writing because I don’t understand why I cannot access my deployment logs.

my development site address is

when I trigger a deployment via a pull request to my projects dev branch, I can observe the logs on github happening in real time, the process almost finishes but fails at the very end of the build process but github doesn’t log the error, and I cannot download the logs or view them on netlify.

this screenshot is the most detailed log available of my build on netlify. trying to download the zipped build files from the deployment page doesn’t work either, it just times out.

locally, it builds just fine, in case you were wondering.

I’d just like to be able to see my logs so I know where to start debugging.

Thanks for your help.

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hi there, this is a little odd.

Is it possible that your repo is empty? Maybe that is why we have such a short log - i guess what I am saying is it is potentially a false positive?

One way to check that would be to download your deploy and see what we are generating:

Thank you for your reply Perry.

I’d love to download the deploy but I cannot. It times out telling me it cannot download the zip file.

However, much to my humiliation, my clearly more observant friend pointed out that the build logs explicitly say that ci=true and this will cause warnings to be interpreted as errors. Setting ci to false has since solved our problem, at least while doing a normal continuous deployment configuration.

I assume the same fix will sort out the problems I had while trying to trigger deployments by merging changes into a dev branch with the correct code in a corrosponding .yml file, which I’ll be trying later tonight.

I’m going to

Hello @Funkhouse, welcome to the community!

From what I can see, your site is building directly in github and is then being deployed to netlify. As such, there will be no logs on netlify regarding builds that are not built on netlify. You’ll need to check with github why you aren’t seeing your logs.

Hope that helps.