Deploy logs are not working

My deploys are saying there’s an issue and you guys are working on it. This is what it has been saying since yesterday. i really need to update my site as my clients have been waiting since yesterday. please fix it soon

It usually works after a page refresh or sometimes some browser extensions block the logs. Have you checked that?

Hi, can you please link to your deploy-log or post it here.

When writing posts make sure to make them as detailed as possible with all the sources we might need e.g. Netlify domain, site domain, deploy-logs

Hi, @The, it looks like there was a successful deploy just around the time this post was made.

These are all manual deploys so there would only be minimal logging for these deploys. If there was a problem deploying, I do not believe the logs themselves were the root cause in any way.

Again, it looks like the most recent deploy was successful. If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.