Files appear in deploy preview but not in production

I am struggling to get my site to deploy correctly. When I run netlify deploy --prod the files upload correctly, and are visible on the preview site, but when I open them directly I get a 404 error. This is with the above custom domain and with the Netlify subdomain (no link because I already have two and am a newbie here). My source files are on Github (at samwilson/website) but I’m building the generated files locally and trying to deploy manually.

Is this because I don’t have the generated files in the repository? Is there some cache timeout that I should wait for? Should I just commit all generated files to the repo and enable automatic deployment?

Thanks for any help! And sorry if I’m missing something obvious. :slight_smile:

Hey Sam! Turned out to have a very reasonable explanation:

If you look, you have locked this deploy: (there is a “lock” icon next to it on your deploy listings page to indicate this:

So - this is our system doing what you asked :slight_smile: You can read more about locked deploys here: but the fix is just unlocking :wink:

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Woohoo, thank you! All is working.

I hadn’t quite taken in that turning off auto-publishing is the same as locking to a deploy. I thought I’d turn it off because I don’t want it deploying from the repo whenever I push there. I’ve turned it back on now.