Favicon is missed on Nuxt.js after Deploy

I have a Nuxtjs blog on netlify, the site was working before but suddenly today I recognized I can not browse it anymore. When I open my site, it just show a blank white page and in the dev console I see this error:

GET https://thelatestmistake.com/favicon.ico 403

https://thelatestmistake.com is the link to my site. There is no build error when I deploy to Netlify and also on my localhost, the site is working. I don’t know how to check my “static” folder on Netlify to see if that file is there or not. I would appreciate any tips on debug/fix this, I am not very skillful on node.js related stuff.

Well, I just fixed my problem, for anyone who get into this in the future:
I had to update my node.js version on my computer and build by site again. Then commit the code and site went back live.

Thanks so much for the followup! This is super helpful for folks who might run into a similar problem themselves later.

Might be useful to say that you can always check what we’ve built by using the icon in this screenshot shown on every success deploy’s logs page:

…and that would have been my suggestion to you for diagnosing if we built it or not, which seems like maybe we didn’t in that first case?