Favicon not showing on Netlify

Hey, I hope you are doing well.

Can you help me understand why the Favicon is not showing on Netlify, but locally it is showing.

I tried to change the browser but still, it doesn’t work.

My site was created using React and webpack, This is the code

And this is the URL of my site: https://iragena-eric-portfolio.netlify.app/

Hey @erickyvand, first of all welcome!

It’s also possible that the favicon isn’t showing because of the caching of your current browser.

I’m currently replying on my mobile but I’ll try to have a look at the code later. :slight_smile:

@andylemaire thank you for the warm welcome. But I cleared the cache of the browser it still doesn’t show. I don’t really know the problem because locally the favicon is showing up.

@erickyvand I’ve checked your code and it’s pointing to https://iragena-eric-portfolio.netlify.app/assets/favicon.ico
But I’m unable to see the favicon there… I think you have to check your path.

@andylemaire this is the code <link rel="icon" href="../assets/favicon.ico" type="image/*" /> my favicon is in assets folder. Locally I can see favicon in the browser tab, but online I can’t see it

Hi, @erickyvand, you can download your deployed site to see what was uploaded. There are instructions here.

When I check the deployed files, there is no favicon.ico anywhere, not in the assets directory or elsewhere. There is no favicon because there is no file included for it.

If there are other questions, please let us know.

@luke, thank you for the hint, I have downloaded the files and I didn’t find favicon.ico there but on Github repo that file is there, I don’t know why it is not being deployed.

And when I included the file that was deployed still It didn’t work.

Till now I don’t know the problem, I am new here and this is the first time I deploy on Netlify

After a lot of search on google I have managed to find a solution, I simply added the favicon path in webpack config file. Thank you all for the help

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