Favicon Troubles

Apologies that I am posting yet another query about favicons: my favicon shows up in my local environment but not on the deployed site. I’ve read other folks’ posts re. this exact topic but their solutions don’t seem to work for me. My site is here. I’ve cleared cache and checked my site in incognito mode. My .ico file shows up in the public folder of my repo which is here.
I opted against a .toml file in favor of using the remote Netlify deploy settings, I don’t know if adding a .toml file at this late stage would be problematic. I’m not versed in what the .toml file actually does.
I know I’m using webpack, it comes out of the box with npx create-react-app, I think. But I can’t find a webpack config file, as was the solution for this poster. Any ideas/solutions would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Hi @miShelbyT Welcome to the Netlify community :netliconfetti:

Is this the favicon you are talking of? Is it working for you now?

Adding a netlify.toml file is fine at any point. As for the netlify.toml these docs might help explain what it is for

Thank you @coelmay for responding to me on a weekend!! :trophy: :fire:
No it does not work for me, I just tried again in incognito mode and after deleting cached files. Doesn’t show up in Safari either. Good to see it working for you tho! Do you have any suggestions for me? :pensive:
Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 10.22.31 AM

Quick follow up, the favicon DOES show up on my husband’s PC. Very strange and confusing.

Have you tried opening your site in a private/incognito tab on your computer @miShelbyT ?

Alas, I have. No favicon.

I’m curious about this @miShelbyT, are you able to navigate to the favicon file directly?
e.g. https://www.shelbytalbert.com/favicon-16x16.png
or https://www.shelbytalbert.com/favicon.ico

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Are you asking, if I click on your link/s does the page navigate correctly & the image show up on the page? Yes it definitely does. (I didn’t know you could do that!)

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Yeh that’s it, it means that the file exists and is accessible by your browser, so it should just work™
But yeh, I suspect a caching issue as @coelmay suggests.
Sometimes after visiting the favicon file/s directly, it will update the browser’s cache for when you next visit the site.

I love that. it should just work™. I say this all the time. Guess I’m a developer!
But if it doesn’t show up in incognito mode and doesn’t show up after clearing browser cache, do i need to just wait until the browser changes its mind? That’s what it’s feeling like. Cranky browser syndrome™…

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This is what happens when

is used without the TM holder’s permission? :thinking:

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:rofl: yes I think so!!! :100: