After deployment to Netlify, my favicon is not showing up

Hi all,

This is my site:
After deployment my favicon is not showing anymore. If I go under the folder build, the favicon is actually there.
Can you please help?

Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 16.35.26


Hi @rossana.ventrella, thanks for the post and welcome.

The favicon is displaying properly at my end. You can verify that it is working when you visit the link at

Kindly confirm if it is working now or the problem still persists.

It is possible the reason the favicon is not working at your end is due to caching issues. Kindly restart your browser and then visit your website again or open your website in a new private browser window to see if it works.

Let me know the outcome.


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Hi @clarnx
Thanks for getting back to me.

This morning I tried opening the link on Firefox and I can see the favicon. However, I can see the favicon in the link that you sent me.

I am going to try to restart my google Chrome and hopefully it will work.


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Hi @rossana.ventrella, once you get it working, kindly let me know.

Hi @clarnx

It is working. As you said I had to restart the browser :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help!

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Thanks for the feedback.
Glad to know it is working now.