FaunaDB/GraphQL sunsetting 2023. Migration?

Fauna advised users of Fauna that they would stop supporting their GraphQL API in February 2024.

My site flamboyant-joliot-d2e1a2 (www.yeuxandi.com) uses FaunaDB to integrate with Netlify and Stripe. Netlify and Fauna had an easy API integration. What is recommended now?

Fauna says we can migrate to FQL or to set up an extension of data source with Apollo.

I’m wondering if there are other alternatives as simple (and non Enterprise) as the original Fauna solution (even if it’s non Fauna).

My setup was working perfectly creating customers with Stripe and Netlify and billing and I’d prefer to not mess that up. If there’s an alternative that I can set up similarly I’d appreciate the info.

Thank you.

Howdy @desidem :cowboy_hat_face:

Sad to hear about Fauna discontinuing their GraphQL API!

I’m not sure how comparative to Fauna these are, but Prismic, Strapi, and Contentful are some integrations that I see folks use that offer a GraphQL API.

Hi Audrey,
Thank you for responding.
I’m not using CMS. I’m using Eleventy for my SSG. I’ve been using GraphQL with FaunaDB because that was prefered by Netlify (and in a lot of Netlify documentation for managing subscriptions and payment integration with Stripe). Is there a replacement that Netlify is recommending?

Netlify is not involved in any of this sunsetting on maintainting the integration as far as I’m aware. Please contact Fauna for this.