Local Development with FaunaDB

I have been struggling with this for a few days and thought I’d ask for some support instead.

I am simply trying to create my first application and work locally with it. My goal was a Vue-Netlify-FaunaDB stack.

I’ve attempted to use some sample projects to get things running. I was able to get a full integration working when it was deployed to Netlify. That all seemed quite simple with just a few hiccups. After that, I attempted to get it all working locally so I didn’t have to commit/deploy any change I wanted to test…

I believe I’ve tried multiple different approaches and none have worked. I’ve tried:

  • the faunadb addon route, using the netlify addons:create faunadb + netlify addons:auth faunadb + netlify dev combo
  • simply deploying using npm run build with some other commands before and configuration changes (a proxy in package.json?)
  • using other netlify commands manually…
  • multiple combinations of above

What I really want to know is… what is a proper approach to integrate faunadb locally with a netlify app? I don’t fully understand the different approaches I attempted. I can’t tell if the plugin approach is correct anymore since the example repositories all did other things. I’m guessing this whole process is simple, but I’m at a loss. Something concrete would be really helpful

Hey there, @brettvd

Welcome to the Netlify Forums! :netliconfetti: Sorry to be slow to respond here.

This is a great question and you have shared really clear steps that you have attempted, so thank you for that! Unfortunately, I do not have an explicit next step for you to take here as none of the members on my immediate team have used the workflow you are outlining.

That being said, I do encourage you to file an issue on our CLI repo so that the larger org and active community members can be made aware. How does that sound to you?

I will keep my eyes open for a response here. Thanks again for your contribution!