External subdomain showing site not found

I’ve tried to follow the Netlify docs to set up a subdomain with external DNS.

Did I miss a step? Any advice?

Hi, I’m not getting a site not found error anymore but I am seeing issues when i check your console.

operators.onmachina.io still gives me a site not found response from Netlify.

The Netlify Internal ID is “01H3W18YJDJP8ABCZYAYV8SPJ3” if that’s helpful.

Hi @toddmorey,

Thanks for the follow-up.

Looks like you need to assign the subdomain, operators.onmachina.io, to the site. Please go here:

Click on the Add a domain button and then follow the prompts. You can follow our Netlify docs here:

I do see that you have a CNAME Record correctly configured to point to operators-portal.netlify.app. After adding the subdomain to the site, you should be all set.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Aha! That was the step I needed. Thank you!

A couple of quick ideas:

  • Maybe just make note of that step in the instructions here? It makes sense now that Netlify isn’t going to respond to a subdomain the site hasn’t been configured for, but these instructions make it seem you only need to configure DNS with the external provider.

Just a small note like “Be sure your site is configured to respond to this subdomain by…”

  • The add domain button might be a bit clearer if it said “add a domain or subdomain”. I had seen that button earlier, but I conflated it too much with the idea of making a domain name purchase.

Thanks again for the awesome help!


Thanks for the feedback. I will pass this on to our docs team to review.

Hi @toddmorey, I’m a member of the Docs team here at Netlify. Thank you for sharing this feedback. We’ve updated the docs for configuring a subdomain to make this process clearer. Hopefully this will help others moving forward.