Extended trailing slash "Pretty URLs" handling

There is a great feature “Pretty URLs” in Settings > Build & deploy > Post processing > Asset optimization. (https://docs.netlify.com/routing/redirects/redirect-options/#trailing-slash)

It would be awesome if you could extend this feature with the option to remove the trailing slash rather than adding it.

Although trailing slashes are perfectly ok, there are a lot of sites that are using URLs that do not end in a slash (e.g. /foo/bar instead of /foo/bar/). One important reason for not changing all these URLs is that it will have a negative impact on SEO.

Thank you!

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Hey @emil and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

This would indeed be awesome! You are not the first to request more control over trailing slashes, so I’ve added your voice to our internal feature request. We’ll definitely let you know if there’s movement on it.