How to remove the last .html that appears on the site

When ever i make a page so it ends with .html and therefore when i open the page it also shows like
but i dont want to show that .html

I searched on google and they are saying you need to tweak into .htaccess but ig netlify doesnt have .htaccess file so how do i remove the .html now?

Hey @Samrridh

By default, if you have a page, it is automatically available via However, you can also enable “Pretty URLs” under Site Settings > Asset Optimization

Also check out

umm where is this asset optimization in site settings

It is under Build & deploy > Post processing

I enabled this option and nothing happened. The .html at the end of my URL is still there and I have redeployed several times; as well as waiting a few days and constantly refreshing.

Hey @HaydnBoss07

Can you provide the URL for the site you seeing this issue on?

If deploying from git, can you also share the git repository? is the URL the issue is on (as well as all over URLs)
Repo ( This is the repository

Thanks @HaydnBoss07.

From testing, .html stripping does work as intended. What doesn’t (seem to) work is stripping the extension when a path ending in .html is entered manually into the address bar (i.e. /page1.html isn’t redirected/rewritten to /page1.) I don’t know if this is intended or not (ping @hillary for possible clarification.)

Best practice IMHO is to not use extensions in links either internally or externally. So instead of having

<a href="/page1.html" title="Page 1">Page 1</a>


<a href="/page1" title="Page 1">Page 1</a>

and add a <link> element with rel="canonical" e.g.

<link rel="canonical" href="">