Isn't it possible to redirect without a trailing slash?

  • I don’t have DNS problem.

  • Isn’t it possible to redirect without a trailing slash? I want to publish my site without slashes but it works with or without slashes. This situation causes many errors in Semrush, like sitemap xml crawl errors.

@offwork It’s supposed to operate as outlined in this support guide:

Thanks for your answer, but even if Pretty URLs are enabled, the url is matched with or without slashes. So I don’t think this is a solution. Because tools such as Google Search Console perceive this as 2 different URLs and no indexing occurs.

@offwork I didn’t say it was a solution, I just provided it so that you would have more information regarding how Netlify explain that it works in their system, and thus if it doesn’t fit with what you’re expecting you can make an informed choice.

I may have missed it, but I don’t remember ever seeing Netlify provide a solution when this is raised, especially considering that it’s not possible to use redirects to push from trailing slash to non-trailing slash or vice versa.

I may have misunderstood, so I ask for your understanding. As a result, the reports given by tools such as semrush are negative.

@offwork It’s ok, I don’t quite know what you’re referencing.

All I know is that a common request is to redirect from /contact//contact OR /contact/contact/ and it cannot be achieved with redirects on Netlify and that the “pretty urls” system, (or whatever the default behavior is), doesn’t seem to enforce one or the other (but leave both accessible).