Extend 15min max build time to 30min

Hey there, @gkmd :wave:

Thanks for reaching out. We have increased your build timeout limit to one hour for your account. This means that new sites you open under this account will also have a limit of 1 hour.

hello @hillary kindly upgrade our site 17fb4a37-66bd-4093-99ff-24ab8590c159 to 60 mins or more build time, because we can’t build our gatsby site anymore. Thanks!

Hey there, @rad182 :wave:

Thanks for reaching out! We have increased your build time limit to 60 minutes for you.

hello again @hillary , it seems our site still wasn’t able to build. what will be the highest limit you can provide? maybe 2 hours? I just need this site to build even just once to save the cache. Or maybe you can manually trigger to complete this site build?

Hello @hillary, Could you please extend the build time limit for site 7ba220ef-933f-4ec5-a0e2-768aa0053de8 to 60min? Thanks!

Hey there, @rad182 :wave:

I think this is a good opportunity to work on optimizing your build a bit! We can increase your minutes, but will you read through this guide as well and see if there are any takeaways you can implement here?

hi @hillary , Thanks for the link however I already did the optimizations but my site needs a lot of images to resize that’s why gatsby build is taking a lot of time.

hi there @rad182 , you are now at 2 hours build time, but do note that this will almost certainly mean that we’ll charge you for build minutes.

Hey there, @mcs :wave:

Thanks for reaching out! I am confirming we have completed this for you. Your build time limit for that site is now at 60 min :slight_smile:

Hi Hillary.

Would it please be possible to increase our app build time to 1 hour? App ID is 3f7af6f3-3150-4f5f-b507-a45384d78a0d.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Can we increase our build timeout to 1 hour please? API ID is d27a54a4-e1f0-4099-8452-d59e0d5cb9c3


Hey there, @MikeLawton :wave:

We have increased the build time limit for that site. Thanks for reaching out.

Hey there, @PSPDFKit :wave:

We have increased your build timeout to one hour. Thanks for reaching out!

Awesome! Thanks @hillary

Hello Hillary,

I have an enterprise account

Could you increase the build time to 1h for ID: 5e7b0044-fe3f-41c3-8955-ac06c847eaab (site is: https://marketcapvsmarketcap.com/) ?

Thank you !!

Hey there, @Korpik :wave:

We have gone ahead and increased this to 1 hour for you. Thanks for reaching out!

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Thanks a lot hillary

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Hello Hillary,

Thanks for updating the build timeout from 15 minutes to 1h, it works perfectly

But, my website is generating 500k static pages (It’s a large website), and with 1h timeout I can only build half of the pages before timeout, I tried building only half of them and it works in the allowed timeout

I was wondering, would it be possible to double or 2.5x the current time from 1h to 2.5h ?

That would be amazing

For reference, its the upload part that takes a while (80% of the building time)

It’s the same ID: 5e7b0044-fe3f-41c3-8955-ac06c847eaab (site is: https://marketcapvsmarketcap.com/) ?

hi there, we bumped you up to 2.5 hours. Good luck!

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Perry, you are amazing, thank you :+1: