Extend 15min max build time to 30min

hey there @Strange_Animals ! we have bumped you up to 30 mins for all sites under that team. Enjoy!

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Thankyou very much @perry :slight_smile:

Hi there, could you extend the build time to 30 minutes for the following sites:



Hi, @Robin_Zimmer. The limit has been increased to 30 minutes for both sites. If more time is required, please reply here anytime to let us know.

Hello, we’re having some trouble running gatsby-plugin-image optimization for (>500 images) within the 15m limit, can we have a bump to 30m too?

API ID is 2d98a057-056b-4bfb-a7ad-72132207634d

Thank you in advance for the help.

Hey there, @RMAndres :wave:

I have gone ahead and bumped up your build time limit to 30 minutes. Additionally, here is a Support Guide about optimizing build time! Take a look :slight_smile:

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Can you bump the limit to 45m on this API ID please: 3429d23a-ba6e-458e-8bc6-84583c63f742


Hi, @moul. The limit for that site is 34 minutes now. :+1:

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Could you please increase the build limit of unesco-gem-report (https://www.education-progress.org, API ID is c00a4a1d-a0ef-4c16-bb9f-5a9340e06121) to 30 minutes ?


Patrick Browne

Hi @ptbrowne,

It’s upgraded.

Hello, I would like to upgrade app id: 293eb93b-ad5e-484c-8b96-3baccae091dd (which is on a pro plan) from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

Thank you

Hi, @frankcalise. The limit has been increased for that site. Also, as that site is on a Pro plan team, please feel free to open support tickets to get the time limit increased as we provide private helpdesk support for all paid Plan types (meaning Pro or higher).

Hello, I would like to increase all my apps build limit from 15 to 30 minutes please.

Hey there, @4shark :wave:

Can you share your Netlify team name with us please? Thanks!

Sure. It’s 4Shark just like my username :wink:

Hey @4shark,

The build time limit for your account has been raised to 30 mins.

Cool. Thanks a bunch!

Your support team is amazing, huge compliments!

I was wondering, could you set the timeout for app ID 2e02be2b-6cbb-40f7-a80e-8ab174f8d848 to 30 minutes please?

We’re working on resolving slow builds, but we don’t know now long it’ll take and we would like to update our website in the mean time.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @roelofjanelsinga,

The time limit has been upgraded.

Hi, could you extend the timeout for site ID 12a18c36-2818-4e81-8fce-3b7f4d02eac7 to 30 minutes?

Thank you!