Error "custom_domain is owned by another account" while adding custom domain

Hi Team, I am facing an issue with adding my domain to my app mdandamudi.

Previously, the domain was used on my other account. I removed the domain and deleted that app too. I am still facing the issue above.

Should I wait some time and try again or am I missing a step? Please help.

Hi @midhundandamudi

What is the issue you are facing? Is it saying the domain is in use by another account?

I see is not pointing to Netlify but the Namecheap parking page.

I bought that domain on Namecheap. Currently not pointing to anything. I previously used it with another netlify account. I deleting that app but I’m unable to link this to the new Netlify app.

I’m getting this error when I try to “add domain” -

custom_domain is owned by another account

How can I link my domain to mdandamudi?

Did you delete the account also or do you still have access to it?

If you have access to the account, ensure the domain is not only removed from the site, but also from Netlify Domains (via the Domains in the main navigation) the try readding the domain.

If you no longer have access to the old account, you will need to verify ownership of the domain as outlined in the following support guide.

Once you have done this, Netlify will release the domain for you to use again.