the error is ESR_SSL error i need to fix it.

Your site appears to work fine.

when i open the vpn yes working fine but when i close it its not working(Living Turkey)

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All in all, this looks like some network level issue with your ISPs. As Netlify itself is working fine for you (over VPN) as well for others, I believe all of you need to contact your ISP to understand why you’re unable to connect to Netlify. We cannot troubleshoot local internet connectivity issues.

Its not local error. Every internet services giving same error in Turkey. I think this is netlify’s problem

Not so helpful suggestions to be honest.

I agree, anyone can’t fix it.

fix my problem!!! it’s not an answer

I’m sorry to say, but if your ISPs are blocking Netlify, that’s not a problem Netlify can solve. We cannot control who blocks us and who doesn’t. As mentioned, you’d have to reach out to your service provider to ask more details about the block and get it resolved with them.

Dude, I’m a computer engineer too. I know what caused the error. No one in Turkey can access sites with netlify extensions. The problem is with you

No it isn’t @meraklitavsan31

This sounds to me like the service providers (possibly because of government decisions) have blocked access. This is what happened (and possibly still does) in the Philippines

It seems that my problem solved itself, I can now access my own site without a VPN without any problems, and I can also view @meraklitavsan31’s site.

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yeah it’s fixed. Sonunda çözüldü xD

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