Enhancing Networks


I am looking for your advice in enhancing the performance of the network at my area, do you provide a CDN solution ?

If so please connect me to the right people to arrange for that


@somiri Welcome to the Netlify community.

All the content of Netlify-hosted sites are served via CDN. If the performance is not what you seek, you’ll have to at least share your location, and possibly an x-nf-request-id header.

We are in Saudi Arabia, so could you arrange to align with a CDN ?

Yup, that list is still correct except we have added nodes near Moscow on the network most people in these forums use. The Enterprise CDN has many more locations as mentioned in my last comment in that thread:

Is there a list of where Netlify's CDN pops are located? - #6 by fool - including one in Dubai which I think is likely your closest. We’ll be happy to have our sales team reach out to you about what a contract to enable your use of it would look like if that is of interest!

Yes please, share the contacts of the sales so we can arrange for that

Thanks for you support

Hey there @somiri :wave:

I have contacted the Sales team to let them know! They will reach out via email, so stay tuned to your inbox!