Enabling background functions on Pro Trial plan

Hi, I noticed that background functions are not enabled on pro during trial. What do I have to enable them quickly, that was one of the reasons I decided to upgrade to Pro. Thanks!

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It specifically say non trial business. It doesn’t say that about Pro. I am experiencing the same issue. How long have you waited for? I thought it might take time to propagate but a few hours should be enough

For now, I waited for less than an hour. Somewhere on the forum, I saw that due to abuses, background functions were disabled during trial. I wrote an email to support, hopefully someone will enable them soon.

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Must be an error. I don’t believe they’d do something like this Like how to you expect to convert a customer by offering a trial plan and removing a main feature without prior warning. Then wait 4 business days to get told that feature isn’t available.

Netlify enable them on a per-account basis due to past abuses.

You’ll find this post relevant @quietbit and @CodingCossack


Someones always gotta ruin it. Thanks for the info.

Do Vercel have native background functions? From what I can see no, only via a third-party integration.

so do you still want us to enable background functions on your account or no?

I received an email from support regarding this matter asking for my use case for background functions. Honestly, it would be worth informing about this issue in plan descriptions (maybe it’s mentioned somewhere, but I haven’t seen it). Anyway, I’m counting functions will be unblocked soon.

Hi there, if we already have a ticket in the Help Desk for you, let us know so we can close out this forum post. Thanks!

Hi there, my issue with background functions is resolved now. Thank you. Regards Piotr

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