Can't deploy background function on Pro Plan?

Hey guys,

Starting yesterday I can no longer publish my background function on a Pro plan. I’m still on the trial for 10 more days, but the background functions have been working great for the past 20 days. Now when I deploy I get an error and a message that “Background Functions not allowed on Team Plan” despite still having an active Pro subscription.

I get the impression is a Netlify problem since nothing special changed on my account yesterday.


Hi @noodlecake ! Thank you for contacting us. Due to some trial abuse we observed, we recently made a change to disable Background Functions for all Pro trial customers. However, as I see your activity is not abusive, I have re-enabled Background Functions for your account.

At your earliest convenience, please do try your build again. If you have any further questions or issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hey Laura,

I’m in the same situation. Can you re-enable Background Functions for my account? Is there a better place for others to request this?


This has been done as per your request in the helpdesk, @nastone.

Hey guys,
Having the same problem. Wondering if I can have the Background Functions enabled on my Pro (trial) account.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, i’m not seeing you have a pro account or that you are on a trial. Can you share the email so I can take a look

Hi, our team is experiencing the same issue with background functions on the Pro plan. Can you enable it on our account?

Thank you.

Hi @izuchukwu,

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Your email address appears to be associated with 2 accounts, 1 Pro and 1 Starter. The Pro account is a full, paid account and not a trial so background functions should be working (I also ran a command to verify that was true.) Can you confirm that you are seeing the problem on your Pro account and not the Starter account? It is expected that you would not be able to use background functions on a Starter account.

Hi @elden, we were able to resolve the issue through support, thank you. However - our first answer from support was for me to “upgrade to a full paid pro account,” which is not possible on the Netlify website, so I’d suggest offering customers a way to do so.

Thank you

Hi @izuchukwu

I thought the team name looked familiar! I helped with this in the help desk. :grin:

Yes. I submitted a feature request to allow folks to upgrade to a full Pro account from the trial early. Thanks for the suggestion!

How serendipitous - thank you again, @elden! We’re grateful. Great to hear it!

Can our background functions be enabled as well? Still seeing no option to end trial early.

Hi, what’s the email associated with the account or slug?

@SamO Hi! Just had the same question – didn’t realize that background functions weren’t enabled on the free trial of Pro until I started it today. We just have one background function that takes ~7 mins to complete, so is there a way to manually approve our one use of it?

hi @ajayarora1235 I’ve followed up on this request in our helpdesk, if you have further questions feel free to follow-up there!


I’m in the same situation, currently on the PRO free trial and can’t use background functions. Also can’t find a way to bump out of the free trial and start paying.

Can you activate background functions for me? I opened a support ticket but you just asked my what my use case was and then nothing (albeit it’s been just 24 hours since that, but I code on the weekends :sweat_smile:).


Hi @rdromao

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It looks like this has been handled in the helpdesk.

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Hey, same is happening to me, could you re-enable it for my account as well please? I’m on pro trial version. Thank you

Hiya :wave:t6: welcome to the forums! I have escalated your query to our helpdesk.

Hi Sam, could you also enable background functions for my account? I am trying to test if they work for my use case before I move from the pro trial to pro.