Doubt about a debt in netlify functions level 1

Hello, good afternoon, I want to clear a doubt on my site, which is actually an API that works with Netlify function I have a debt of $12.10 the level I was at was 1 I went back to level 0, as I am not interested in paying at this time for this project, I must pay if or if I have returned to level 0?
I hope my question and doubt is understood, thank you very much!

You’ll need to pay that outstanding balance before you can downgrade back to the free level 0, if you’d like to continue using our platform; that overdue bill is for usage which has already happened, for which we’ve already paid and for which you are liable.

Note that once you pay your bill, you can and should adjust that setting back down, here, immediately: Netlify App (using the “Change level”) button, to prevent any future charges. Should your usage again grow past the free level, we’ll auto-upgrade you again, so please watch your usage to prevent future bills.

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