Domain used on another Netlify account


I have this site:

I’m trying to add my Namecheap domain:

I get this message:
custom_domain or one of its subdomains is already in use by another team on Netlify

I don’t have another account, I only had have one Netlify account.
The domain list in my team profile is empty.
I added this TXT Record based on something I found in another post:

Thanks in advance.

Hi, thanks for reaching out. I’m not seeing a dns zones tied to this domain on our platform. Can you try adding the domain again. Please let me know the outcome.

Hi Sam, thanks for your support.

I tried to add it again and keep getting the same message.

Thanks for trying that! I can see the problem - I believe amaze (formerly known as teespring) hosts on our service and this is tripping some “no-sharing-domains-between-accounts” feature on our service that we’ll need advice from our developers to work around. I think we should get that advice on Monday and will feed back here once we do.

The domain has been added to your site.