Domain stuck awaiting external DNS

Hello everyone!
i was making some tests on my site and i’ve tried adding an “A” record on the dns records list.
i removed it quickly, but now it’s stuck on “Awaiting external DNS”.

i’ve checked the NS, and it’s resolved. the same is not working for “A” and “CNAME” records…

When using Netlify DNS, you only create records for externally hosted services. Remove any A, AAAA, CNAME records for the domain apex. Then remove the custom domain from the site (not from Netlify DNS entirely) and readd it. Netlify automatically adds NETLIFY record

even those related to mail?

What does it mean? (sorry) shoud i remove them from the right menu where i have - Netlify DNS? (the one in the image i posted)

No. Only for the apex domain as related to serving your website.

Yes, remove it from the location where you took the screenshot.

i’ve just tryied, but the error remains :sob:

what else can i do?

This seems to be resolved.

Yes. it took a little more than usual. Thanks @dig !